Tuesday, 11 June 2013


So this post will be a quick catch up of what I'm doing post uni student life!

I've been extremely busy recently moving back home after 3 years at uni! I actually did not realise how much stuff I own ...(mostly clothes!) I am definitely going to be selling a lot of my old clothes, books and CD's so if anyone is interested then let me know!
I've just started a work placement at Health and Fitness Travel where I am a ghost writer and copywriter for their site! I'm currently in the interview stages for their one year paid PR and Marketing internship! So fingers crossed! The only trouble is the long commute and now I wish I lived back at uni so I can be close to work and Jeremy...will see if I get the internship and go from there!
Also i'm still balancing my other part time internship for a health website and my new job as a tech writer for a music website....So so busy. Its not great that I am always on the computer and finding time to excercise has been hard, but i'm working on getting a routine going!
I have to get back to writing now!

E x

Summer holiday with the boyfriend :)

This post has been long overdue! So sorry about that, but I will fill you in on whats been going on in the next post!

I went on short but very very sweet holiday to Cyprus with Jeremy! I showed him the stunning sights of Cyprus. We starting off with Kourion and the amphitheater, Kolosi Castle, and then went up the mountains to sample some of the wine in the Cyprus Wine Museum! We each brought back a big bottle of Commandaria! Haha he absolutely loved it! Next we went to my favourite little village called Omodos  where we saw the old monastery. I can't tell you how much I love Omodos, its such a beautiful village and reminds me of my grandads small village up in the mountains.
The hotel was just amazing and the food was suprisingly good! Though there was no real greek food, so we met up with my cousin so she could take us for some souvlaki. It was heavenly!
I miss being in Cyprus, with its hot weather and beautiful beaches! It was the best holiday I have had in a very long time and I hope to go back soon...