Monday, 29 April 2013

Deep thoughts.

Having a deep philosophical and religious talk with my Bengali flatmate....You would think I would have had enough Philosophy for one day...Nope!


Today is officially the last day of my degree. I had the hardest exam of my life on Continental Philosophy. God knows why I chose to do one of the toughest modules, which had an exam?! I hate exams. I under perform every time but this exam I do have some hope as it went ok .. and plus the lecturer will be lenient as she wasn't here for half the module! And every philosophy lecturer knows that memory is totally flawed! ;)

Buuut so help me God if I ever have to read Hegel ever again! I think I might just go crazy! Aw I'm going to miss uni so so much! The hard work, the time and effort put into much as I hate it at the time, I love learning and the challenge is what makes it worth doing.
Anyway, in need of sleep and hopefully it will sink in that my 3 years at Roe are now overrrr..... Time goes so fast! *sobs* What do I do with my life now?! :O

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Two sides of me


Unmotivated half: can u not.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

New Gym Clothes

My final student loan came in and so I decided to treat myself to new gym clothes. I rarely buy new gym stuff as I make do with old sweats...but I thought it was about time I kitted myself out with clothes that actually fit me! About time too, as I'm hitting the gym hard with prep for my bikini body and also planning and training for a 5K Race For Life with my friends. :D

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pray For Boston

I was totally shocked yesterday when I heard the horrible news. I can't believe that there are people out in the world who could inflict such terror among innocent people. Today during my work out I wore black for the victims of the Boston Marathon. As a runner (not a great runner, but I'm getting there) when I heard about the bombings, my heart sank. It felt like a part of me had been taken away. It sent shivers down my spine. It truly is a tragedy and I cannot begin to imagine the emotions these poor people went through.

The London Marathon is coming up this Sunday, and I have friends running. I really hope there is a strong security and medical presence on the day. Anything can happen. I hope the runners are determined to run and finish strong for the victims of the Boston Marathon.

Pray for Boston.

This is so powerful

“We are more beautiful than we think”

Choices, Chances and Changes

The only background i had on my laptop for the whole of last year!

So I finish University in less than 2 weeks!

It's a scary, nervous and exciting time!

I have grown so much in the last 3 years and the experience has been amazing. It's been a challenge. I've gained so much more than I could ever have dreamed of. I'm proud of where I am right now.
I am so much stronger than when I first came to Uni and this is the result of hard-work, self confidence and determination. I left the weak willed Evie behind and have grown into someone who I have always aspired to be. This change did not come easy. It helped having amazing and positive people in my life who I can rely on to be there when I need them. And vice versa. I have had to distance myself and let go from a few friendships though, as they bring me down. I can't deal with other people's negativity in my life right now. I am on the path of positivity and I'm not turning back for anyone who treats me like shit.

 1st year was the hardest year at Uni. I had no idea who I was and I guess I was searching for some answers. But I looked in all the wrong places and let myself be used. That will not happen again. 2nd year was the big change for me. I swapped my unhealthy habits and replaced them with a gym membership, and trainers. The gym became the place where I worked out my issues, made my goals and achieved them. I exceeded everyones expectations. Most of all my own. I met my boyfriend Jeremy, who has been my rock throughout. We've been together for over a year! It doesn't feel like a year...although it does when He goes into his long history talks that go on for aaages!! :) 3rd year is hard work but it will be worth it when we get our final grades! Fingers Crossed!....  So its onwards and upwards now!

It's time to leave Uni behind and start a new journey. I am so blessed to have my amazing boyfriend and my beautiful friends and family in my life. Now its time to go out into the real world, get a job, work hard, and be healthy and happy.... x

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Binge Eating 101 – what it is and how to avoid it

Binge Eating 101 – what it is and how to avoid it

Do not attempt to adjust your set.

 Do not attempt to adjust your set. This is a Streaming Freedom Video bulletin. The cable hack will last exactly 60 seconds. It cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped and it is the only free voice left in the city. 

You know when you've become obsessed (again) with a TV show... when you know the lines by heart. ...

Monday, 1 April 2013