Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Icarus Line- Slave Vows: Album Review

Rock and roll band, The Icarus Line, have released their fifth studio album, Slave Vows. The L.A rockers have made a huge comeback with their album making it bigger and better than ever before.

Slave Vows is packed full of psychedelic and energetic tracks ranging from languid 11 minute songs to fast 2 minute distorted tracks. The album begins with song “Dark Circles”, which has an incredible rock introduction with a bassline and drums that seems to go on forever burning its way into the listeners mind.

Slave Vows is full of rock and roll, punk and surprisingly includes some country songs too. Everything and anything goes in this album and the fans don’t seem to care one bit. “Dead Body” also carries its rock riff for minutes on end. On the other hand, “No More Music” ends just before it even begins. Lead singer and guitarist Joe Cardemone does a good job of making Slave Vows feel like a rock album with his rough vocals, lyrics and guitar tricks.

Slave Vows sees The Icarus Line make giant steps forward to cementing their name in the charts and in rock and roll history. This album puts up a good fight to stay in the spotlight from beginning to end and I hope to hear more from the Hollywood rockers soon.

Rating 7/10

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