Saturday, 31 August 2013

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Anti Shine Stick Natural Beige

I recently went on a week’s holiday away to Devon and it was a really hot week, which is surprising for rainy Devon! We went to the beach a couple of times, and I topped up my tan. But when I got back to London, I realized my foundation didn’t match my newly tanned skin! Since I started a new internship the next day, I needed to buy a foundation that 1) matched my skin tone and 2) made my skin flawless and oil free. I read some reviews of Maybelline’s new Fit Me Anti Shine Stick and thought I would give it a go.

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Anti Shine Stick Natural Beige

Maybelline’s Fit Me Anti Shine Stick is a new foundation application that has an anti- shine core. It’s light and packed with rich powders that absorb any excess oil and shine. It creates the perfect finish, for a natural looking and flawless face. Application is really easy to use and it goes on effortlessly. You simply apply the stick on the face, and blend in with finger tips. Then you’re ready to go!

For the price and the flawless coverage that the Anti Shine Stick gives you, it really is worth it. I chose the natural beige shade for my tanned skin, but it comes in a range of other shades too. I recommend this for oily skin, because the powder core really helps to eliminate excess shine. I applied the foundation stick to where I needed it most, my forehead and nose, and at first it looked a bit cakey (if you know what I mean) but the best way to get a smooth finish is to blend it with your fingers into the skin.

I really like this product, as it saves me time in the mornings, the natural beige shade is a perfect match and it is comfortable and inexpensive!

This is me wearing the Maybelline Anti Shine Stick in Natural Beige.

You can buy this product from all major beauty stores. I purchased mine for £8.99 at Superdrug and was pleasantly surprised by the results! 

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