Monday, 19 August 2013

Make-up Haul

I have to tell you guys that I've recently got more into my make-up...I know, I'm bad! But I'm getting more in depth information and have gotten into a good skin care routine! Thumbs up! These three products I've had for a while now, and I didn't have time to do a proper blog post on them until now. These products are the basis of my skin care and beauty routine, as I use them the most and they are my favourites.  

Left to Right- Rimmel Black Eyeliner, Clarins Eye Reviver, Lancome's Liquid Foundation in Beige

Rimmel Black Eyeliner- I get through eyeliners very quickly, so I'm constantly buying more. I prefer Rimmel to other brands as it's quick and easy to apply and longlasting. I don't have to re-apply during the day as the khol stays on for a long time. I usually go for a black or dark brown to enhance and bring out the colour of my eyes. I love this product and its at a very good price too.

Clarins Eye Reviver- So this summer I found myself suffering for the first time ever with hayfever! It sucks! Before I realised it was actually hayfever, I thought maybe I had an eye infection, so I stopped using my make-up, however, it continued to get worse. So once I was diagnosed with hayfever, i started taking allergy tablets... anyway, long story short, as anyone with hayfever can tell you, it really irritates the eyes and makes them puffy and red. I bought the eye reviver to soothe the skin around my eyes. I keep this product chilled overnight in the fridge so that when I apply it in the morning, its cold and helps to keep my eyes bright and less red and sore.

Lancome's Liquid Foundation in Beige- I went away on holiday to Cyprus this year and so my tan is looking awesome! But this is not so great for my make-up collection as now my skin colour is darker! So i tried out the beige colour and found it to be just what I needed! It's a lightweight foundation, not heavy on the skin and smells divine! Definitely a winner in my books!

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