Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sony Sells Playstation 4 At a Cheaper Price Than Microsoft’s Xbox One

At the E3 press conference Sony and Microsoft both unveiled the prices of their new devices and the results are quite a shock! Sony finally revealed their new device and announced that it will be sold at a much cheaper price than its Microsoft rival, the Xbox One.

Sony confirmed that the Playstattion 4 console would be sold for £349 in the UK, which amounts to $399 US dollars. While Microsoft has revealed that its Xbox One device will go on sale at £429 in the UK, and $499 in the US, which is an extremely high price! Sony stated that its console would go on sale during this “holiday season” and has not set an official launch date as of yet.

Microsoft, on the other hand were quick to set a release date for the Xbox One, setting the sale date for November this year. The reception of the Xbox One console however, was nothing to the high excitement that the Playstation 4 produced. Sony tried to set itself apart from Microsoft and opted out of restricting second hand games on the console, allowing any pre-owned games to continue to play on the device. However, Microsoft chose to limit second hand games on its console. This may have contributed to the Xbox One’s unpopularity with consumers, many questioning whether the console is worth buying for such a steep price.

Regardless of the Playstation 4’s cheaper price, an observer at E3 admitted that the Xbox One would still outsell its rival. What do you think? Will Microsoft outperform Sony or is the pricing of the Playstation 4 a bargain?

- Evie Chrysostomou

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