Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Passenger- All The Little Lights: Album Review

Passenger is a British folk rock band formed by Mike Rosenberg and Andrew Phillips, from Brighhrough the use of soothing string accompaniments. 

All The Little Lights, is a 12 track album and comes with a second album complete with acoustic versions. This well rounded album consists of energetic songs, raw emotion and beautiful folk music, leaving you with a comforting musical experience.

The album opens with “Things That Stop You Dreaming” and provides you with a string ensemble, perfectly coupled with Rosenberg’s enchanting vocals. Verses are packed with life’s struggles, yet urge you to be happy, with lyrics including, “If you can’t get what you love, you learn to love the things you’ve got” showing his own life’s philosophical meaning. These feel-good vibes continue throughout the album giving you a unique experience of folk rock music.

The album moves from soulful songs to fast-paced pieces. The last track, “I Hate” is recorded live at The Boderline in London and includes a humorous list of things Rosenberg hates. His lyrics destroy celebrities, social media and the press, providing an underlying social commentary of the nation through this comical yet clever song.

All The Little Lights showcases a powerful collection of songs, music and the wonderful voice of Rosenberg. The music industry is seriously lacking in an authentic band as talented as Passenger.

Rating 9 /10

Evie Chrysostomou

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