Thursday, 2 May 2013

Fitness Progress Post!

 So I'm working on getting my beach body ready for my Cyprus holiday and wow has it been tough! All I can say is that winter workouts make beach bodies! And I'm glad I did not slack off in those winter months as they seriously made all the difference. And I wouldn't have had such amazing progress!

My weight is now at 129 lbs!!!

This is the smallest I have ever physically weighed, but it is also the strongest I have ever been physically, mentally and emotionally. I am beating my previous times on runs, I am training how to properly do push ups and training for two 5K's in the summer!

Tonight was my last proper gym session! Sooo sad!!! But i will be leaving the gym to go back home... If i manage to get a job and start earning then I will join one at home. But for now I'll have to stick to outdoor training.

I will be going back to Cyprus for a summer holiday 34 lbs lighter!
I'm so proud of myself for doing what I set out to do. To lose weight and get fit! But the journey does not stop there as I am addicted to my healthy lifestyle and will continue to keep fit and eat healthily!

Progress Picture:
Then: 2010- 163 lbs and Now: 2013: 129 lbs


OMG. For the first time in my life I feel flat-chested! Where have my boobs gone?! :( Sad faceeee

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