Monday, 29 April 2013


Today is officially the last day of my degree. I had the hardest exam of my life on Continental Philosophy. God knows why I chose to do one of the toughest modules, which had an exam?! I hate exams. I under perform every time but this exam I do have some hope as it went ok .. and plus the lecturer will be lenient as she wasn't here for half the module! And every philosophy lecturer knows that memory is totally flawed! ;)

Buuut so help me God if I ever have to read Hegel ever again! I think I might just go crazy! Aw I'm going to miss uni so so much! The hard work, the time and effort put into much as I hate it at the time, I love learning and the challenge is what makes it worth doing.
Anyway, in need of sleep and hopefully it will sink in that my 3 years at Roe are now overrrr..... Time goes so fast! *sobs* What do I do with my life now?! :O

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