Friday, 1 February 2013

Keep Calm And Save Money!

So January has come and gone and you are now left with not an awful lot in your account due to Christmas shopping and the fabulous January sales! Fear not as here are 10 top tips on how to make your money go a long way!

1) Work out your expenditure. So you know exactly how much money you have coming in and how much you can take out. If you know your weekly budget, you will less likely to overspend.

2) Make an ISA or savings account. Search for high interest rates, put a large sum away for a year or two. And when the times up.....don't touch it! Leave your money there, add to it and extend your ISA to another year! You will forget it's even there, and will be very happy to have the extra money saved up for your future!

3) Leave your debit cards at home. Take a pre packed lunch to uni or work to make absolutely sure you will not spend any money!

4) Walk everywhere! Fed up of paying for a stressful tube or bus ride? Grab your trainers and walk to work to clear your mind and body before you start your working day!

5) Turn off your heating and layer up! You will save a lot on heating bills! Buy blankets, hot water bottles and lots of cosy hoodies to make sure you stay warm!

6) Buy own brand products like Asda's own brand. While yes it's not the same and your baked beans and biscuits may taste different you'll be laughing when you have extra money saved in your pocket!

7) Make sure to cancel any outstanding direct debit payments you're not paying for anymore! The gym, your old flats heating bill.... Save your time and money and go straight to the bank to cancel them.

8) Keep your own personal piggy bank, and save up your pennies for a rainy day or when you want to buy something special!

9) Start paying with cash. Some people don't realise how much they are spending with a debit card... If you want to know just how much you spend then start paying with physical money, keeping cash on you. Pretty soon you will be more aware and hate the sight of spending your cash!

10) Finally, check out amazing deals, discounts and free stuff on offer for food, clothes, beauty products and many more at 

Start budgeting your money today and have the satisfaction of knowing you can afford to go on that dream holiday you've always longed for or buy that brand new laptop you have been dying to purchase!

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