Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Little Balls Of Heaven: Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Hello again, as I mentioned in my previous post here, one of my New Years Resolutions is to learn how to cook new and exciting foods! This Christmas, I was a little stuck for cash and instead of buying huge chocolate selection boxes for people, I opted to make my own desserts and wrap them up in beautiful boxes to give to people as presents. It’s a fun, cheap and cheerful present, which will put a smile on anyones face! I started off making these delicious Chocolate Truffles! Here is how I made them:

125g/4oz Trex
100g ground almonds
100g flaked toasted almonds (crumbled)
250g/1 cup raisins or sultanas (cut into small pieces)
150g drinking chocolate
150g icing sugar
1 pack sponge fingers (crumbled)
Rum (amount according to preference and substance)
Coffee flavour liqueur (Bailey’s or Irish Cream)
Chocolate sprinkles
Orange marmalade (optional)
Cake cases (small)


Leave sponge fingers out to air and harden a little for a couple of hours.

Place crumbled sponge fingers, Trex, ground almonds, raisins, or sultanas, drinking chocolate and icing sugar into a mixing bowl and blend together. Add rum and coffee flavour liqueur to mixture slowly mixing together making sure consistency is not too runny. Should be firm but not too firm as truffles will harden when cold.

Pour chocolate sprinkles into a separate bowl ready to roll the truffles in to cover them.

Form small round balls and place into bowl of chocolate sprinkles, rolling to cover the truffles. if the chocolate sprinkles do not stick, this is where you may need the orange marmalade.

Place into grease-spoof paper or foil on a tray and leave to cool and harden. Can also be placed in the fridge.

You can give them as gifts in cute little gift boxes…or if you can’t resist, enjoy them for yourself…as they are incredibly yummy!

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