Sunday, 20 January 2013

5 Lovely Things

Been slacking in the "5 Lovely Things" posts! So will do one for today, as it was the best day ever!

1) Sunday morning lie in! Woke up late today and it felt so good!
2) Went to see Jeremy at his flat. Snow ball fights ensued! 
3) Decided to have a day out in London, which was good timing as it was the last sale day in Harrods! Both of us managed to find some great stuff in the sales! I bought this cute berry shirt... As I write this i've realised that 'm becoming obsessed with that colour! 
4) Shopping tired us out so we went in search of food! And it was amazing! Just what we needed after walking in the cold!
5)Phone call from my Yiayia made my day! Miss her so much!

Sooo thats my 5 Lovely Things for today done, I really need to do it more often!
Heres a few Instashots of our day :)

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