Saturday, 29 September 2012

Why I Love Roehampton!

I'm back to University for my final year! While that makes me nervous and quite anxious about the coming year, my beautiful campus brings me peace of mind. Here are some of my photography from campus which I took last week, when we had a surprisingly sunny day after all that September rain!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Words To Live By: BookNerds


Yesterday was moving in day at Uni...I'm all unpacked now and loving my new flat! The bedroom is bigger and the shower actually works! Hell yeahhh I have a working shower! With hot water! It's the simple things that make me happy! Last year I was stuck in a flat of 11 other people who stole food, set fire to the kitchen, blocked the toilet and made a mess of everything! Now I'm living with 2 other girls and there is enough space for everyone! But I'm the only one in the flat till wednesday since I'm helping out on Freshers that kinda sucks! But nevermind!

Also good news on the job front! Last week I was asked to be a co-editor for along with the current editor for Roehampton. I was so happy to hear that she wanted to offer me the position first! So I'm just in the applying process at the moment, I need to send them my portfolio along with a welcome letter and fingers crossed I get the position! Will look fab on my CV! Fingers crossed!

So now I'm currently reading some Shakespeare in bed with a cup of second of the day! I'm going to be a little jitterbug today!

I should get back to my reading!
Evie x

I want I want I want!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~Leonardo Da Vinci

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Progress and Change


Love this.

I want to do a colour run! SO COOL!


Cannot wait till my kettlebell arrives! I've ordered an 8kg. Been stuck with my brothers 16 kg and since i can only swing that and not actually lift not getting a proper work out! So i'm excited to get my own! EEE!

Slow and steady wins the race


Cred: Arthlete :)



Need a holiday

I need a holiday :( Le sigh...

UGW: Healthy

I love classic literature... but this is fuuny!