Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Old Rope At The Phoenix

The Phoenix in Cavendish Square is the perfect central London pub.Just round the corner from busy Oxford Street, this pub is one of a kind. Famously known for its unique experience, with its bubbly atmosphere, The Phoenix is brilliant for kicking back with friends over the local ales and fresh pub food. It’s also the heart of entertainment too, with many events held in the basement such as DJ’s, live music and comedy nights to suit everyone’s taste!

One of the most famous events held at The Phoenix is comedy gig, The Old Rope, where established circuit comics perform new material in front of a select audience of comedy fanatics. There is a noose set up on stage and the comics grab the rope “hanging” or “killing” their new material. Judging from the audience’s response, if they bomb they can then go back to their old routines. The Old Rope is held every Monday night in the basement and hosted by Phil Nichol and Tiffany Stevenson. It’s a night to remember if you’re into comedy! With big name comedians headlining and special guests changing every week, such as: Ed Byrne, Milton Jones, Seann Walsh, Glen Wool and Robin Ince. Be sure to grab a ticket online as it’s a bargain, only £5:00 while buying tickets at the door is £7:00- you don’t want to miss out!

“Late night is the perfect time to seek out hot-off-the-press jokes, too. Old Rope, run by Phil Nichol and Tiffany Stevenson, is a nightly dose of anarchy and just-written stand-up, which often welcomes big-name comedians who are passing through the Fringe and others who are keen to try out an untested 10 minutes. Last weekend Flight of the Conchords’ Arj Barker dropped by with some brand-new material. As Stevenson says, ‘Thirty per cent of what you see tonight won’t work, some of it might be rubbish, but it’s about experimenting. This is the real spirit of the Fringe, right here.’” – The Independent August 2010


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