Friday, 5 October 2012

4 Steps To A Perfect Complexion

Learn how to make up your face to look effortlessly flawless and natural with just 4 easy steps!

1) Apply foundation to your face. This will be the base of your make-up and apply lightly using a brush or sponge to get a great finish.

2) Apply bronzer to your cheekbones, making sure you take the brush all the way up to your temple and blend in.

3) Take a pearlescent highlighter and apply onto your cheekbones, above the bronzer. You can use a powder, but I prefer to use a liquid highlighter instead. I recommend using Benefit’s High Beam liquid highlighter. It is a light pink colour and instantly wakes up your face giving you a fresh looking complexion to suit all skins tones.

4) Apply the highlighter to your brow bone, to illuminate your eyes making you look fresh faced. Don’t forget to apply a little highlighter along your nose, and blend in.

Et voila! A fresh and flawless complexion in no time at all!


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