Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Weigh in: Almost reached my UGW!!!

Before: August 2010- After: August 2012

I started trying to lose weight a year ago and my total weight loss is 27 lbs! (Almost) 2 stone! A year on and I feel healthy and happy!
HW and SW: 163 lbs
1st GW: 150 lbs
2nd GW: 140 lbs
UGW: 135 lbs
CW: 136 lbs

New weigh in: 136 lbs! I lost 4 lbs last week! But to be honest, I don't feel that I have lost weight. I feel bigger, which is weird since I am at my new lowest weight ever! That's something for me to work on and begin to feel comfortable with my weight loss. My new measurements are: 34, 29, 38.  So looking at my new measurements and the before and after picture, I can see that I have lost weight. It's a lot to get used to mentally and every time I look in the mirror I don't recognize myself! But this is a huge achievement and I do feel proud of myself. Seeing friends and family's reactions and positive comments to my new figure is great and it really spurs me on to do better! My target was to get into the 9 stones and I did it! It feels fab! I feel unstoppable! I did this for myself and nobody else! And I have proved that I can achieve anything I set my mind on! I honestly don't know how I lost the 4 lbs, as I haven't been working out every day, or been strict with my eating habits. But once you start losing the weight it does get easier to shift the pounds! My UGW is 135 lbs and I want to see how I feel at that weight. It's only 1 pound and I am determined now more than ever to reach my goal.. If I feel comfortable then I will try and maintain this weight- which is probably the hardest thing to do!

So so happy with myself!

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