Thursday, 9 August 2012

Need a new wardrobe!

I need a new wardrobe urgently! I've gone down a size, and now I'm a 10-12. But everything in my wardrobe is a size too big and I look silly in baggy clothes. Plus I want to show off my new figure! So this weekend I'm going shopping. To buy essentials for my wardrobe. So far I only have work clothes in my now smaller size as I'm doing jury service next week and needed some smart clothes for that.
It's just so annoying as I'm trying to save money, yet need to buy a whole new wardrobe full of clothes... And shoes! I'm down a shoe size too! My feet must have been chubby! Haha
And what should I do with my old clothes?...I don't want to sell them, in case my weight starts to go up again... I'm having my dresses altered... Arghh I don't know what to do!
Eugh I should stop complaining! Ok I'm shutting up now!

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