Thursday, 2 August 2012

5 Lovely Things Thursday!

So I've just downloaded the blogger app so I can blog on the move! Which means you'll be hearing a lot more from
me! ... Here are my 5 lovely things from today:

1) Spent the day at the V&A with Jeremy. Had an amazing time! My favourite part was the Medieval Renaissance section. It looked as if we were in The Mummy! Was truly awesome! We had a lovely lunch in the park and then we went back to his flat in Roehampton. I'm back home now and missing him and being in roe. Will post some pictures soon!

2) Helped a woman who was feeling faint on the tube. Good deed done for the day!

3) I did so much walking today. Mission to walk more is going well.

4) Got the loveliest message from my friend today! N'aw I love her!

5) Reading in bed. 'Nuff said!

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