Monday, 30 July 2012

Whats in my make-up bag?

While I don't wear make up everyday, and feel comfortable to go out wearing no make-up I do have a lot of great buys in my make-up bag. I'm into my make-up and products that are easy and simple to use. I'm constantly having a browse in my friends make-up bags and I love finding new and amazing products. So I thought I would do a "What's in my make-up bag post. I update it regularly, but sometimes I find some really great make-up that I haven't used in a while! So this is also a great time to sort through all the products and have a bit of a make-up spring cleaning.
Lets start off with the essentials.
These are the products that I cannot live without and use day to day, as they are base of my make-up routine.
For my face I use:
Collection 2000 Natural Matte and Minerals Foundation in Natural Beige. I have looked everywhere for a colour to match my skin tone, and this is it! I use Collection 2000 Sun-kissed Bronzer. I used to have the bronzer balls, which I prefer as you can get different tones, but I lost that somewhere. My favourite product is the Benefit highlighter tint. Its amazing and I use it all the time.
For eyes I use:
17 Waterproof Mascara, 17 Black Liquid Eyeliner, 17 Black and Brown Eyeliner. I also use a Avon's Blue Eyeshadow, as I love that colour.
For lips I use: Rimmel Lipstick in Pink Blush and a dark purple. I also have a lipstick called Vixen, which is deep and dark red, which I bought from a boutique in Putney for halloween but I use for when I want to go for a shocking red lipstick. I also use my trusty Vaseline in pink tint for when I have dry lips and they need some care.

I recommend all these products, as they are the essential in my day to day beauty regime, and they are the ones I try to repurchase after I have used them. I would love to hear what products that you love and some of you must have products, so send me a comment and get in touch!

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