Thursday, 19 July 2012

Powerdown- What to do offline.

Lets face it. The internet pretty much consumes are lives, from the moment we wake up, to when we finally get to sleep after hours of messaging on Twitter or Facebook. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels at a loss of what to do when Twitter or Tumblr is down and not working! The internet is something we use, day in day out. Thanks to the invention of smart phones,  we can have the internet at our disposal in just one click. To many of us our Blackberry's and Iphone's and other handsets are like a part of us, as if they were attached to our hands 24/7! Its hard to pry away our Blackberry's and Iphone's from our hands and do something productive. But what if you need some downtime? To get offline and recharge?

Heres a list of things you could do offline:

1. Stop procrastinating and actually do some work!
2. Go back to the old fashioned ways and do some active research on your part, by going to your local library for research.
3. Read books. Forget the Kindle, dust off those books sitting on your shelves and get reading!
4. Do some cleaning! Clean out your room, declutter and sort out your clothes and shoe collections that you have been putting off doing for fear that you will get lost in your wardrobe!
5. Get active! Go to the gym, go running, walk the dog, anything that will raise your heart rate and make you sweat!
6. Forget about emailing invitations and thank you notes and write them yourself. It will make you feel good and the other person will be sure to appreciate the personal touch.
7. Stop being a hermit and meet up with friends and family and enjoy yourself.
8. Get a new hobby! . Enroll in classes such as acting and singing or anything that strikes your fancy and it is a great way to meet new friends.
9. Listen to music. Bring out your old CD's and have a listen. Or find some great new music to listen to.
10. Get some shut-eye! Relax after a long day at work and recharge by getting an early night.

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