Friday, 20 July 2012

Make Beauty Simple.

If like me you’re a busy bee partying, having late nights over the summer or working at the office and do not have time for a full daily beauty regime, leaving your skin thirsty, then Simple is exactly what you need! I was recommended to try Simple by a friend and since then I have loved each and every product I can get my hands on!
Staying true to its name Simple has the perfect products for sensitive skin. It is the UK’s #1 facial skincare selling brand. Simple uses only the best skin loving ingredients with vitamins for healthy looking skin, has no dyes or artificial perfumes that can irritate your skin and offers cleansing and revitalizing products just for you. Simple has a whole range of products, from skincare, teenage skincare, hair care, eye care, toiletries, repair, mens care and many more. For details on more products or to see the latest offers visit Simple!
To get healthy looking, natural and gorgeous skin give Simple’s Kind To Skin Essentials range a try! 
Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash is perfect for sensitive skin. Packed full of healthy vitamins and moisturising goodness it gently cleanses your skin leaving it, cleansed, nourished and very soft! In my experience with this product, you only have to you use a little bit and it goes a long way! At only £3.59 at  Boots this wash leaves you with soothing skin after the very first wash! 
Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser is a very light, and non greasy moisturiser with a special blend of ingredients designed to leave the skin soft and supple. I would recommend using this moisturiser as an everyday one, or in the summer.  Simple also have a product called the Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser, which is a thicker and heavier cream for drier skin and I would use this for when my skin is very dry during the winter. Grab this bargain buy for £1.49 at Superdrug! 
Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes are a must buy! These wipes help to refresh and tone the skin. They don’t contain alcohol or oils and so will not dry the skin out or make it greasy. They even remove make- up, especially waterproof mascara which can be hard to get rid of. These wipes come in a small package, great for carrying around in your handbag! And you will be pleased to know they are suitable for people who wear contact lenses. They leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and non sticky! These are available at Tesco from £3.00!
Simple also have a Kind To Eyes range and I recommended you try Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On. The Eye Roll- On uses a great mix of ingredients containing Cucumber Extract and Pro- Vitamin B5 to help wake up tired eyes. The ball applicator is easy to apply and cools the area instantly and massages gently leaving your eyes revitalized. A helpful tip- Put this product in the fridge before you apply it to get that extra chilled feeling!  This product is great for getting rid of puffy eyes, which is great especially for after the weekend and leaves your eyes bright and refreshed! You can find the Eye Roll-On at Asda for only £4.94! 
The Simple Kind To Skin range is available at Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, and Asda.  
You can also save on selected Simple Skincare products available at Superdrug online at cheap prices now! Bargain!!


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