Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Life after University...

So I'm reaching my third and final year at University.While I'm bouncing off the walls at the thought of the end of lectures, no more books and an end to intense exams, there is just one thing on my mind.  What am I going to do after University? A lot of people keep asking me this, which is pilling on the pressure.  While I envision my future to be bright, the reality of it can also be daunting. In this current economy, many students are faced with unemployment even with a University degree to their name. Scary thought!
So it's decision making time!
In order answer this unanswerable question, It's a good idea to look into all the choices and options available.
The current choices people usually make after leaving University are as follow:
  • Find a Job- While waiting for the perfect opportunity to come your way.
  • Graduate Jobs- Kick starting your career by working in your chosen industry. 
  • Volunteering- Charity work, work experience, are all good for building a strong CV.
  • Interning Jobs- Gain experience and skills within your industry
  • Postgraduate Degrees- Going back to University to develop your trade.
  • Travelling- Travel the world, teach English to young people, do some soul searching. Travelling can help you gain knowledge of other cultures while helping you decide on your own life and career.
This is a long list of things to do after University life. But where do you go from here? It can be a good idea to ask yourself some questions, such as: What do you want out of life? What are your options? How to get to what you want using your options? Once you have thought about these, then you can identify where to begin and what direction you want to go in and start from there.

It's important however, to understand that this is a journey, and your path is allowed to divert from the original plan to experience everything that life has to offer.

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