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Dreams of a Life

 Review of Dreams of a Life – a film by Carol Morley

Would you be missed?

Christmas is meant to be a festive time spent with loved ones, opening presents, eating copious amounts of food and getting ridiculously drunk! But behind all the laughter, Christmas can also be a tough and lonely time for many, especially if you are not surrounded by family or friends. There are many people who are less fortunate to have someone care about them, contact, and visit them over the holidays.

Dreams of a Life tells a horrifyingly true story of Joyce Vincent, who died in her bedsit above a shopping mall in Wood Green, North London in 2003. She was found dead 3 years later. Nobody knows how or why she remained unnoticed for 3 years, with the television still on, and with mail pilling up in the letterbox.

Dreams of a Life, which has been nominated for the Grierson award for best documentary at the London Film Festival, explores the mystery of Joyce’s death and how this could have happened to such a talented and beautiful woman. The film digs deeper into our modern, technology driven lives, where we are constantly communicating with one another via Facebook, Twitter and E-mail etc. Yet even with these means of communication many of us do not reach out to others. How is it that we can simply forget or know so little about someone? It is a truly sad story. However, Morley does not let Joyce’s story disappear in vain as she searches to find the truth of what happened to her and how others around her let this happen.

The film will be screened around the UK from December 26th- March 22nd and I urge you all to see this sad and haunting film, because it is a film that you will never forget. It taught me that no matter what the situation is, or how hard it is to pick up the phone, nobody should be alone at Christmas. This film hits home for me as I live close to Wood Green and have never heard of Joyce and her story up until this past Christmas. The film is hard hitting also because of the fear that many of us hold, that this story could easily become our own. So if you know of anybody who you have lost contact with, or is alone at Christmas time get in contact with them. You could end up helping them more than you think.

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