Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Anne Hathaway and Weight Loss

Soo... if you read my recent post on my girl crush on Anne Hathaway you will know how obsessed I am about her. Well here comes another post!
In a recent tabloid report Anne Hathaway is accused of losing a shocking amount of weight through a fad diet of radish and hummus. This false report was taken out of context in an interview with Allure Magazine. What they fail to mention is that she lost weight for her role in Les Miserables, which in my opinion shows a dedication to her work! Many actors and actresses undergo drastic changes in their lifestyle for the sake of their careers. It is part of the job description. Anne denies these reports, hitting back stating that they are 'dangerous' and she is absolutely right!

The media has an incredible influence on weight loss. Perfect trim and toned bodies are constantly thrust in our direction in Television, Magazines, Hollywood and those ridiculous weight loss products on TV adverts. I have never tried them nor do I want to but my friends have and lets just say the side effects from taking the  products are horrible! Oh, and you do NOT end up losing weight.
Anyway, the media are simply portraying unrealistic bodies, and it is their job. They get payed to do it! Yes, I admit I have been guilty of wanting to look like celebrities such as Beyonce and Kim Kardashian who are both curvy girls but with flat stomachs! They are splashed onto the front covers of magazines and they look flawless. However, this is called airbrushing. These women do not look like that in real life. While the media reveals strong, confident and thin women onto their covers, they are damaging the lives of women (and men) who strive to achieve perfection. There is no such thing in my view.

I believe that your imperfections make you who you are. Don't hate yourself because that look that your trying to be like does not exist.
I stopped reading magazines around a year ago, about the same time I started on my weight loss journey by eating right and exercising! I have lost 24 pounds so far! Not reading magazines did wonders for my self esteem. Why do we have to compare ourselves to others and their bodies? My body is my own and nobody elses. I'm waffling on so all I have to say is that you should not believe the hype. You can try all the diets in the world just because your favourite singer or actress may (or may not) be doing it, but you risk being fed false information from the media which could result in you harming yourself. Word of advice: If you don't lose weight for yourself and learn to love your body then you will never be happy, big or small.
End of rant. Phew!

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