Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A girl's must have wardrobe!

Trends may come and go, but the basic staple wardrobe is here to stay!

A good wardrobe has 3 key factors:

1) Must be colourful.

2) Good quality.

3) Classic style.

Most classic styles are black and white, purely because they are most flattering, but be sure to mix it up with neutrals, and splashes of colour to suit you and your personality. Accessories are a must in every wardrobe, as it is how you make your style unique. Add accessories from the latest season to make your outfit up to date. I do say less is more. However, there are exceptions. For example, if you’re going for a rock chick look, accessorize to the max!

So if you feel like you never have anything to wear despite an overflowing wardrobe, it’s most likely that you need some classic items from this list!

• White Shirt - Timeless piece that is useful for work and interviews. Go for a fitted shape, as this looks neat and tidy. Also, white shirts look great underneath a small fitted knitted cardigan or sweater. Very geek is chic! You could also wear a pencil skirt and blazer to pull your outfit together.

• Classic White T-shirt - Short cap sleeved, slim fit are best and perfect for the gym.

• Denim Jeans - Everyone needs a good pair of blue denim jeans! If you want a long lasting pair, be prepared to pay more! Topshop Jeans are a personal favourite and last for years. Dark denim is very flattering and can be dressed up and down. However, be sure to find the perfect jeans for your shape: bootcut style flatters and balances curves whereas straight leg suits a slimmer figure.

• Knitted Jumpers and Cardigans - You can go for whatever style you prefer: thin, thick, cotton or knitted. Knitted jumpers are most stylish when they are oversized and with a cool print. If you’re tall then you might like to go for long cardigans that go beyond the knee and if you’re petite then go for one that sits by the hip.

• Trench Coat - Trench coats are classic, sexy and can be worn from winter through to summer. A tailored, single breasted coat is definitely a classic. However, a double breast is more stylish.

• Summer Dress - To show off your tan you could choose a white dress, which is light and airy.

• Little Black Dress “LBD” – Is a necessity for every girl’s wardrobe! Choose a style that suits you. Whether it is above or below the knee is completely up to you. One thing for sure is that when you put it on, it makes you feel and look fabulous! The great thing about the LBD is that it is versatile: it can be worn on a night out with the girls, or for a more formal event like a wedding. Also, for a casual look try adding layers by putting on a cardigan and synch in the waist with a belt. Alternatively, make it your own by wearing a long sleeved top underneath to create a layered look.

• Heels – Black goes with everything! But if like me, everything you own is black and you’re sick of it, go for a gold or silver strapped high heel!

• Boots – High heeled boots are essential for the winter so invest in a good pair. They can be teamed with a dress or jeans. Ankle boots are also very stylish right now.

• Black Pumps - Are easy on the eyes and the feet! Pumps are extremely comfortable and can be worn from day to night. They can also be easily slipped into your handbag for the travel back home after a long night out!

With this checklist of classic and versatile must haves, a girl can never go wrong!

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