Tuesday, 31 July 2012

5 Lovely Things

So I've seen a few bloggers post their daily '5 Lovely Things' of what has happened to them during the day. I thought I would give it a go!

Tuesday Summary:

1) Met up with my old friend Francesca who lives down the road from me. We took her lovely pointer Poppy out for a walk and had a catch up in the park. To be honest there was more running involved than actually talking as Poppy is rather boisterous when going on walks!

2) Managed to do some more reading for Uni. I'm currently reading Michel Foucault's Punish and Disipline. Wow! My brain hurts from reading it. He is just an incredibly detailed writer, and its taking me a while to get through. I I fell asleep at one point too... had a lovely nap! :P

3) Cooked an AMAZING lunch! Lamb shanks and rice, with a ceaser salad! I'm getting good at this cooking stuff!

4) Applied to some awesome internships! Fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed for me please! I really need it!

5) Currently talking to my boyfriend whose now living back in London. Making plans to meet up in London and go museum searching! 5 minute rule... should be fun and interesting! I'm looking forward to it!

So that concludes my 5 Lovely Things for today, hopefully I can keep this up daily!


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