Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Catching up on the last month!

Havent been updating this regularly.... So here comes one big post!
2nd year of uni is officially over! Cannot wait to see friends and travel round England! Missing Jeremy so much :( 3 more weeks and he's back in London! Time is going really slowly, but im keeping busy. Ive applied to basically every job going, so hopefully i'll have a job for the summer. Catching up with friends while theyre all still in the country! Im so jealous of people going away on holiday! But i do have an awesome tan... that makes up for it! :P

On the healthy lifestyle front, everythings good. Ive reached my goal weight and am planning on maintaining it. I havent got any scales with me, so im not checking up on my weight. Im just going to see the results for myself, in how i feel and look rather than reading a number on a scale to determine my happiness! Im feeling really good at the moment! Keeping healthy by working out and eating right! I went to the park with a friend to work out today and had such a  good time. She told me that she envied my figure. (shes super skinny and i used to want to be skinny) I was shocked! Ive been complimented so much these past months! It feels great!
Sooo.. thats all for now!

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