Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tired.. and sore.

I have been at this essay for 6 days now, and i still haven't finished! I've been terrible, eating junk food to get me through it all. It only makes me sluggish. I want hugs and cuddles and kisses... thankfully I'm seeing Jeremy tomorrow and he can cheer me up. Seriously, that guy knows all the right things to say! :*)

I have taken up a Kettle Bell class at the gym and even though its intense the buzz that you get!.... WOW! I used to use my brothers ketbell but its a 16 kg and too heavy for me. So training properly with weights is good. I'm nearly at my final goal weight and once I hit 140 lb.... I'm going on a shopping spree baby! :)

In other news.... worried about my family at the moment. My brothers under alot of pressure to do well in his exams- or rather he is putting pressure on himself. My mum is worried about him. My dad... that's another story. He's a mystery. He either cares or he doesn't. Right now- he doesn't.

Baahh. Now I should get back to this essay....

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