Monday, 19 March 2012

18/03/2012- 140 lb

Hit my goal weight! I have lost almost 2 stone and my body has changed a lot! I went from a 34 inch waist to a 32... my waist (which was already small) has got even smaller! My legs are thinner and my chest is smaller. Yet somehow i've stayed the same bra size through all of this! Miracle!
it's a big difference! I was a size 14, now i am a size 10-12.... which i have only ever dreamed of being! I cannot wait until i start seeing 9 stone! People keep complimenting me on my weight loss, which is great and i feel amazing because i have bloody earned it. That is my motivation, not the compliments, the fact that i have earned my love for my body, and not settled for anything less.... I'm very damn proud of myself!

Ps...also...this dress is now too big! Time to buy some new clothes!

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