Thursday, 12 January 2012

February Fun!

In February I will be spending 2 lovely days in Hamsterjam (Amsterdam) during my reading week!! Ohmygawd. I literally cannot wait to go back to the beautiful city and explore some more! I am so very excited about this seeing as I'm not going away during the summer... damn jury duty!

The first time I went to Amsterdam was for an art trip in 2007, which was the best school trip I have ever been on! We went to various art museums, saw Anne Frank's house, took a trip on the canal during the night so we could see all the lights, and got up to general mischief. Memories include:
  • seeing a guy with his hands down his pants in the middle of McDonalds and calling the police,
  • the god awful food they served us and the hotel in general,
  • when we thought there was a mouse in our room,
  • hanging out on the bed/roof all night talking,
  • the teachers thinking my friends were on drugs when thats how they naturally are,
  • Helen's new best friend,
  • bowling/diso night,
  • the guys who broke into our room in the middle of the night, 
  • naked man doing exercises in the hotel window across the street,
  • condoms on the window sill,
  • chocolate factory and Alice being banned from going.

I hope that this time round, Amsterdam will be just as entertaining!

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